I believe changing the world starts at home, with you and your family.

Hi there. My name's Ingrid Kania and I'm a licensed massage therapist. I specialize in helping parents & children get the most out of their family life through tailored massage treatments that reduce stress, pain and make everyone happy. Make massage a part of your family's wellness routine!


I'm ready to help you make your family's wellness a priority. Check out my services and call, text or email to schedule your (or your child's) appointment today!


Massage is one of the most caring acts one can receive or give. Interested in learning more? I offer presentations to community groups on the benefits and how-to's of pediatric massage - including massage for kids with autism. Contact me to schedule a presentation for your group! 

Just Joyful

Receiving massage is a compassionate practice both for yourself and others. By experiencing massage regularly, you make yourself a priority. Taking good care of yourself allows you to cultivate joy and passion and those qualities cascade into all aspects of your life, improving your life and the lives of those around you.