Referral Program

Gather "Gratitude Credits!" 

To thank you for referring new clients to the practice, you can earn credits to apply towards your future sessions.


How does the program work?

For each new client you refer who books and receives their session, you earn credits. Credits are earned based on the length of your referral's session:

  • 30 Minutes: You earn $5 credit

  • 60 Minutes: You earn $10 credit

  • 75 Minutes: You earn $15 credit

  • 90 Minutes: You earn $20​ credit


The more clients you refer, the more you earn! For example, if you refer two new clients who receive a 60 minute session, you get $20 to apply towards your future massage sessions. You may gather credits and save them or use them as you earn them.

Thank you for being a client of Restorative Hands Massage & Wellness!